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My 2019- Never Disregard the Journey

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2019 was a big year- Charity work with World Hope International, climbing, sailing and acknowledging failure while remembering the importance of the journey.

Denali: Waiting For a Window of Weather

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Yesterday we had a rest day in camp after an incredibly tough day. 'Rest day' is a slight misnomer as we spent the entire day building 4-6 foot snow walls for the impending storms this weekend. A little about the challenges of the day - we moved a cache from 14,000'|4,267m to 17,000'|5,182m and came back to 14,000'|4,267m camp. That's 6,000 vertical feet in a day and involves the most technical terrain on Denali, West Buttress route.

Daily Routines from Denali Camp 2

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Hello from Denali Camp 2 (11,200' | 3,414m)!! Ever wonder what a typical day looks like at Denali? I wanted to give you a glimpse into my daily routine at this point in the climb.

Day 3 at Denali: The Early Challenges and How I Stay Motivated

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We finally landed the day before yesterday after 2 previous attempts. I can't say I was upset about any part of it as we had plenty of time and the weather was improving. The first day was pretty brutal. The scenery is beyond stunning but you really are head down, pulling a giant sled and carrying a heavy pack.

Denali: 7 Seas 7 Summits Record Attempt Continues

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Denali- "Even with the acknowledgment of fear and intimidation, I do these things. Not to spite them but because of them. Because each time I've come out the other side of a big scary goal- the accomplishment is the biggest reward I've ever experienced. I'm not special; I'm driven. I'm not some amazing athlete, I try hard and give myself the freedom to follow my dreams. Please enjoy following along on this next giant step in my world first record attempt, to become the first female ever to sail the seven seas and climb the seven summits."-

Sara Hastreiter and World Hope International Announce Partnership for World-Record 7 Seas / 7 Summits Quest

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Sara Hastreiter and World Hope International Announce Partnership for World-Record 7 Seas / 7 Summits Quest- “I’ve always been incredibly passionate about exploring and using sporting challenges as a platform for charitable endeavors. Through my quest to sail the 7 Seas and climb the 7 Summits, I’m able to do what I love while giving back,” said Sara. “I have had the privilege of serving alongside World Hope in past disaster relief efforts and admired how hands-on everyone was from top to bottom throughout the organization. I respect their authenticity and accountability record which showcases their efforts and followthrough. World Hope and I have a matching passion for helping others and I was inspired to partner with them for my biggest sporting challenge to date.”- Sara. CURRENTLY LOOKING FOR CORPORATE PARTNERS TO JOIN US ON THIS RECORD SETTING JOURNEY, FOR MORE INFORMATION PLEASE INQUIRE-

From the Explorers Club: 'The Unforgiving Ocean: Tales of an Unconventional Life in Extreme Sailing.'

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Explorers Club, Sailing Stories- 'The Unforgiving Ocean: Tales of an Unconventional Life in Extreme Sailing.'
Ms. Hastreiter has raced across every ocean including five Trans-Atlantic’s, a true rounding of Cape Horn after 5,000 miles in the Southern Ocean, setting a world speed record in the 'Round Britain and Ireland' race and winning Royal Ocean Racing Club’s Multihull of the year in 2015.

Having sailed all seven seas and climbed three of the seven highest mountains of the world's seven continents, Ms. Hastreiter seeks to become the only female and only other human in history to complete the monumental task of sailing all seven seas and climbing the “Seven Summits.”

Sail Performance Training: An exciting new partnership!

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Sara Hastreiter "...Though my muscles and fitness slowly ebbed away, my desire to pursue my goals did not. Sailing Performance Training (SPT) came into my life at the perfect time." Fred Strammer of SPT, “Sailing Performance Training is proud to sponsor Sara in her endeavors to conquer the 7 Seas, 7 Summits challenge. We are honored for Sara to entrust her Performance Coaching with us. We have no doubt that she will conquer her remaining summits!"