7 Seas / 7 Summits
7 Seas / 7 Summits


Sara Hastreiter is a globe-exploring, international adventuring sailor and climber. It's Sara's goal to be the first woman ever to sail all 7 seas, and climb to the highest summits of the world's 7 continents. This feat would also see Sara become the first person in history to have competed in the Volvo Ocean Race (the 'Everest of Sailing'), and climbed Everest itself. During her reign as a professional sailor, Sara has sailed the equivalent of 5 laps of the planet, and has no signs of slowing down.
7 Seas / 7 Summits

Progress Report

North Atlantic Ocean
South Pacific Ocean
Indian Ocean
South Atlantic Ocean
Southern Ocean
Arctic Ocean
North Pacific Ocean
Everest, Nepal
Aconcagua, Argentina
Denali, Alaska
Kilimanjaro, Africa
Elbrus, Russia
Vinson, Antarctica
Carstensz Pyramid, New Guinea

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