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Denali: Waiting For a Window of Weather

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Yesterday we had a rest day in camp after an incredibly tough day. 'Rest day' is a slight misnomer as we spent the entire day building 4-6 foot snow walls for the impending storms this weekend. A little about the challenges of the day - we moved a cache from 14,000'|4,267m to 17,000'|5,182m and came back to 14,000'|4,267m camp. That's 6,000 vertical feet in a day and involves the most technical terrain on Denali, West Buttress route.
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Denali: 7 Seas 7 Summits Record Attempt Continues

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Denali- "Even with the acknowledgment of fear and intimidation, I do these things. Not to spite them but because of them. Because each time I've come out the other side of a big scary goal- the accomplishment is the biggest reward I've ever experienced. I'm not special; I'm driven. I'm not some amazing athlete, I try hard and give myself the freedom to follow my dreams. Please enjoy following along on this next giant step in my world first record attempt, to become the first female ever to sail the seven seas and climb the seven summits."-
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